The Suggestion

If you have to ask …
April 9, 2016
The Preparation
September 1, 2016

The Suggestion


Let’s talk about sex y’all. The anticipation of the intimate act. The build up prior can lead to wonderful moments and lessons learned. Sexual energy may be the charge that’s needed in brightening our lives. With the smallest of suggestions. Join me on a true life experience that’s happening as I type this post in my sarong on a Saturday morning in Brooklyn. Know that I will be explicitly speaking and honest to a fault. Here’s a bit of background.

At 30, living in the greater NYC area, I am stepping into my sexual peak and beyond. BuzzLight Year don’t know shit about this! A healthy woman with a sexual appetite that rises steadily as I age, dating, one night stands and friends with benefits are where I can settle down and feel right at home. No desire for full time companionship for the last several years has allowed me to explore and grow into my sexuality. Major Key for personal development and being aware of strengths and faults.

During this time I connected with a young man who I’ll call Vegas. Our chemistry was explosive, at first. As with most things we burnt out, quickly. The suggestion of adding another to the mix was gently introduced surprisingly by myself – though he followed up, continuously. Fast forward a year and that suggestion solidified into a formal date, which is exactly two weeks from today. Here’s the dynamic, he’s invited me to join an intimate relationship that he currently has with another woman. Vegas assured me that she’s “down” and that I’m the only one against it. “It” is obviously all three of us tangled in bed together. I hesitated, first time I’ll be intertwined with a woman and a man. Hell, if I chicken out at least I can stay and watch their session. Why not? I texted him confirm.

Now that the decision’s made, time for preparation. I’ll follow up next week with how I am getting prepped for the main event. Have you ever joined a twosome? How was the suggestion broached? I would love to hear your thoughts!

With anticipation,



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