The Preparation

The Suggestion
August 22, 2016
The Finale
September 8, 2016

The Preparation


That build-up. Expectations. Get it ready, get it ready, get it ready ready! Shout out to DJ Jubilee who always gets me moving. Motivated into action this week since the big event is Friday. Let me tell you what I’ve been up to.


Ever had a Brazilian wax? All the hair, front and back stripped from your skin with the use of hot wax. Leaving you silky smooth and with daily exfoliation, butter soft. My lovers enjoy the treat during interludes while I have full access to the intensity of feeling. Wednesday, I trek into Manhattan to visit my wax lady, Crystal, a fast talking Jamaican with a tiny room on 7th Ave two blocks away from Madison Square Garden. One of the few committed relationships I’ve held on to since arriving on the east coast.


Decided on adding daily kegels to my workout regimen. How many you ask? However many you want. During the week, I was able to tone with a couple reps of 20. Personally, 100 kegels per day seem to be my maximum. My evening walk from work allows me the time to focus and hit any of the reps I missed during the day. Tighten up on that backstroke and add a few to your daily routine.


Practice tends to be the best form of preparing which leads me to the reason this blog post is a day or so behind. Spent the late part of my Saturday evening making out with a handsome man who I’ll call Chef, on O.P.P. in these Brooklyn streets. Owns a hipster food truck in the greater DC area, in town for Afropunk. Perfect kissing height with serious upper body and neatly twisted locs. Brought him back to my place where we attempted to quietly make out in the kitchen. My friend, Mel, was staying over and happened to be asleep in the next room, no partition. Eventually, Chef decided to head to his hotel when I told him a bathroom session was a no-go but during his Uber wait, I gifted my guy with a bit of wet mouth. Haven’t worked this jaw out in a few weeks! Practice!


Though lust levels are rising on a personal level, as I get closer to Three-day, I consider pulling out. Is this an experience I am ready for? We’ll see. Did you question your decision to follow through with a sexual act? I would love to hear your thoughts or experiences!


With Consideration (and Love)


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