The Finale

The Preparation
September 1, 2016
Three’s A Crowd, or Maybe Not…
September 9, 2016

I flaked y’all. No call, no show. Fire me.

Could I list excuses? Certainly. Who wants to hear them? No one.

Building up expectations, individually lead to disappointment when plans don’t turn out as expected. Ms. Jackson suggested the Threesome idea needed to be spontaneous. Free spirits who wild out in the midnight hour and leave with panties in hand well before dawn. Tips for future reference. Which allows the opportunity to get out of my mind and enjoy the proceedings. A note I’ll apply to a few other life issues I’ll discuss in the next coming months!

Told Hubby about the Threesome with Vegas that fell through. Communication is key within our marriage. No hiding or denial. He says when the time is right, be patient. He’s been there, done that. He’s shared a few stories. Have you? Please respond via the email if you have! I would love to hear your stories!


By the way, I am no longer stateside as of today. Currently spending the end of the year having a Sabbatical 16. In the Caribbean. May as well be on an island, smiling. And with location change, comes fresh options.


Welcoming the new!




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