Three’s A Crowd, or Maybe Not…

The Finale
September 8, 2016
After the Party, there’s an After Party
September 26, 2016

Three’s A Crowd, or Maybe Not…


(BrightRaven’s Response to MM’s, The Finale. Find the articles under Letters From New York)


Dear MM,


Although you didn’t get to experience ménage trois, I am very proud of you that you even considered one. Girl, you were almost on that train!! But, these types of liaisons can’t be planned. They must be free flowing, anonymous and dirty. Maybe, I am wrong. But in the three trois I’ve experienced they only got less interesting the more I engaged in them. And you know what else? I never did them for me. It was always for the approval of a HIM. Another secret, MM, that I must reveal: I hate the taste of vagina! It’s just not suitable for my taste buds. All of them salty and or rank. I can’t do it! It’s not for me! I find that watching a three some on Porn Hub is way more enjoyable than actually engaging in one. This little fact sister is something men don’t realize. They think they can handle multiple women at a time, when in real life their woman at home hasn’t had an orgasm in months. Men believe what they see, the fantasy is true for them. That is why strip clubs exist for them and it’s so lucrative. It’s the fantasy that reels them in like baited fish. If they had to take these fantasy women home they’d try to return them from whence they came as soon as the sun rose. The fantasy is always better than reality. But on the flip side, in the right secret and spontaneous environment, the fantasy can come alive and become an experience that you’ll never regret. Three some’s should be with people you don’t love. Even better people you don’t even know!  If you do have some chemical love reaction with them, jealousy is bound to rear its ugly head. Some couples have been able to carry out these poly amorous relationships and not become territorial. I think it’s all bullshit. Any man who says he loves me and can sit there and watch another man screw drive me into the floor is not the man for me.

My love is ancient and possessive. I cannot help who I am. You may not be like me sister, but hear me when I say this: Love will ruin the fantasy.

Have you ever noticed how you are able to perform and do some of your dirtiest deeds with men you don’t even love? But when you get with your man you kind of just lay there? This might just be me. (Awkward)

You must ask yourself some questions too. Why are you even considering engaging in this behavior? Is this something you have long had a curiosity about? Something you want to get out of your proverbial system?  Or are you doing it for the attention or love of a man? It is not love when a man can pass you around like a hookah pipe at a frat party, whether it be female or male partners. The man I had these acts with, I despised. I loathed myself because of how I could never say no to him. I scrubbed my skin pink after I’d been with him. But yet, I knew that I was using him just as he was using me. He had a girlfriend and I knew he’d never be with me. The other woman always knows the darker side of the man better than the woman who he marries does. And for this, I never had a desire to be with him, thus making group sex and ménage trois an easy thing for me. It has become so redundant and childish to me that every man I meet and or begin a romantic liaison with is wanting to fulfill this fantasy. This is all while them not knowing of course of my previous engagements. The world has told us that its ok for men to want this fantasy, while it is not ok for a woman to want the same. She is only allowed to engage in the fantasy as long as it is pleasing to the man; meaning another woman and certainly not another man. If she even mentions that she might want another man, stand back, his head might actually pop off. Some women have become so desperate to keep their men that they are willing to do whatever it takes. Even if that means engaging in homosexually activity, because of course, all women are natural lesbians right? (Rolls Eyes)

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