AFRICAN FASHION WEEK 2016: The Crowning Event of African Culture

November 14, 2016
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November 19, 2016
AFRICAN FASHION WEEK 2016: The Crowning Event of African Culture
Article by: El Grande PapiRatzi, Fashion Reporter
The Vibe: 
Back from a 6 month hiatus away from the fashion show scene. El Grande PapiRatzi made his grand return camera ready and laptop at hand to tap out his latest Fashion report. Reporting live from the Avaya Center at the 3rd annual African Fashion week. The close out for the week-long series of events was the an extravaganza of art, wine tasting, African culture and High Fashion.Vendors of all sorts lines the outskirts of the venue offering works of art, jewelry and clothing to the patrons of the show. The vibe of the show was electric. You could feel the atoms of excitement filling the air as the live band and DJ kept the crowds head bobbing to the sounds of African artists with a little reggae mixed in for good measure. The MC and his cohost kept the spirits high with their jokes and playful banter.
The Fashion: 
This show was the finale of the week-long series of events. They say the best is always saved for last. The fashions on display this night were beyond extravagant. The colors, design, texture and flow of the pieces presented from a cross-section of designers was like music to the eyes. The diverse group of models chosen to represent these divine garments brought each piece to life as they hit the runways with the such grace and elegance you would have thought you were witnessing a show in NYC. Eyes were glued and a few mouths dropped as each designer presented their wares. This was a top-notch production.
Next year: 
This was my second year in a row attending this great event. After last years extraordinary show. I wondered if the energy would be as high and if the production would be as tight as last years show. I was not at all disappointed as I left the venue.  Heart still pounding with adrenaline as I maneuvered my way through the packed parking lot heading out. Thinking to myself how much I’m looking forward to doing it all again next year.
El Grande PapiRatzi

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