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November 12, 2016
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These are some of the words that at least half of all Americans and much to our surprises, our out of country brothers and sisters in the UK, Asia, Africa and all over the world are resonating with since last Tuesday, November 8th. If you don’t know what I am referring to, I’d like to give you this opportunity to return to the rock from whence you crawled from under. I am referring to the 2016 American Presidential race, that resulted in us electing a pussy grabbing, internet troll, billionaire megalomaniac that has not the political expertise, intellect or backbone to run a country such as the United States of America. Most of us felt the disappointment in ourselves and our fellow country men and women, that our morals have reached such an all-time low that we could’ve even allowed this to happen. The truth is that we all elected Donald Trump. No matter who you voted for we put Donald Trump in office by the energy we gave him.

  Energy flows where attention goes

There’s no denying that Donald Trump knew how to put on a show. We watched and couldn’t turn away. We fed that monster, kept him alive with our sharing of posts, tweets and our fear that he would become President came true. Mother Teresa was known for not attending anti peace war demonstrations because she understood that what she gave her attention and energy to could only grow stronger.

 “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” – Mother Teresa

Hillary Clinton had her air time too but we must admit it’s not a real circus without the elephants!! I was hopeful and even optimistic that our nation was on its way to real change by electing its first female president. I thought we had it in the bag ya’ll!! I took for granted the real hate that festers inside the heart of a latent racist. The latent racist has been waiting for this day ever since Obama first made it in to office. I am sure that they felt the same way I feel now.

How could this happen? Are we really this corrupt, hateful, low down and classless?


People are now wearing safety pins so that you will know they are not racists and dont agree with Trump doctrine.

When I was growing up, it was understood and recognized that the President of the United States had the highest of moral fiber and character. It was a position that we looked up to with pride and honor. This was never more true than when the Obamas moved in. They were like the modern-day JFK and Jack O., style, class and took a real care with their people, because we knew them to be one of us. Regular People.

There will never be another couple in the White House like the Obamas ever again. We have not progressed with our President elect, yet we have gone back to the time of Jim Crow. The white supremacists’ groups are rising, Muslims women are having their hijabs ripped off their heads in supermarkets, black and Latino people are being harassed and attacked and being told to get out. On November 9th, I felt like my heart was broken. I felt like a lover had broken it off with me and didn’t tell me why. I felt abandoned and I didn’t know why. I still can’t understand why someone would vote for Trump. They tell me that his “grab them in the pussy” statement was something he said on his own personal time and has no bearing on his presidency. It has everything to do with his presidency!! It shows you his true moral character. What is done in secret will always be revealed. Our country is divided and I am still surprised on how many of my own friends are Trump supporters, with their comments. Our country is split, just as it was during the Civil War.

“We’ve always had our disagreements but now half the country literally wants nothing to do with the other half. Our motto is no longer, E Pluribus Unum, its “Go Fuck Yourself” and that is not a sustainable way to live.” – Bill Maher

Since the horrible news hit, there have been protests everywhere, even at Trump Towers. The people don’t want you Donald. The people are willing to forgive you for treating the seat of Commander-in-Chief as one big publicity stunt as long as you agree to step down. I didn’t think you would win Donald and you didn’t either. Your new position has awakened the sleeping monsters of our society. You have given them permission to come out and play. You have told them that it is okay to push hate, racism and prejudice all for the sake of being called an American.

No patriotism to any land is worth me pushing another human down just so I can come up! I am proud to say that MY PRESIDENT Barack Obama is a gentleman and despite your constant efforts to bring him down, still allowed you in-house, gave you advice and shook your hand. I hope you were listening and taking notes Donald.

Lead by his example. It’s all you got.


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