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Dating in the Age of Narcissism - Kimberlykimberly


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    Dating in the Age of Narcissism

    Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
    (17 customer reviews)



    If you’re looking for the sage wisdom of an author who’s been there and done that, look no further. Kimberly Michelle is your new go-to girlfriend for advice on all things dating related. Dating in the age of narcissism is harder than ever, and nowadays women can’t seem to recognize the three obvious flags inherent to dating—the red flags, the yellow, and the green. Never fear! Michelle is here to lay it all out for you. Whether you are a divorcee, newly single, a single mom, or a soon-to-be married woman, this book is for you. It functions as a quintessential primer to allow modern women everywhere to get ahold of their relationships. A testament to the author’s many failed and successful relationships over the past twenty years, Michelle sets out to help you get the relationship you want and deserve. While most dating books for single women focus on the goal of being successful in finding the perfect mate, Dating in the Age of Narcissism focuses on past failures as a way of obtaining the proper knowledge that leads to success. Written like a letter between girlfriends, you’ll come away from these words armed with the real truth about dating—in its purest and rawest form.

    Reviews (17)

    17 reviews for Dating in the Age of Narcissism

    1. Stephanie D Dubb

      This book most definitely makes me more aware of what I require of a mate. Kimberly Michelle wrote this book and I can see that she has put much thought and care into what she has said. The beginning of the book tears my heart up because I know of instances such as this from a lot of friends, I have been through the fire, but nothing compared to what that little girl had to deal with… I advise every woman who has a young daughter to get this book, give her a chance to find what real love could be and hold a man accountable for what she wants and needs from him. For men who read this book, stand up and be bigger then the norm! Teach your son’s to have values and be a great man for a good woman (not all are worth it) but for that one who is…. Treat her like a Queen, for she is looking for her King. Teach people how you want to be treated…Great job, K.M. I can’t wait for your next work… I’ll be watching and waiting.

      Stephanie D Dubb on August 11, 2016 via Amazon

    2. Amazon User

      I wont be able to attend the discussion but I loved the book. Received it in the mail on Thursday, couldnt put it down and completed it early Saturday morning. Wish the book would have came out 2 years ago. May have prevented my daughter from being a casualty of love… All the red flags were there.. We did get a beautiful granddaughter out of the encounter, so all wasnt lost.. I was pleasantly suprised tp discover my husband of 20 years had all the green flags when we met so it offered a sense of validity to the wisdom the author has gained from her dating experience. While I have been out the dating game for many years, thank God, its sad to say there is nothing new under the sun. I hope to share this guide with the young ladies i encounter, as well as my young adult daughters and pray they take heed and have a better chance of meeting their Boaz or as the world says, Mr. Right.. Good job on the book and thank you so much for sharing.

      Amazon User on September 02, 2016 via Amazon

    3. Amazon User

      I read the book the first 2 days couple chapters each and when while i was at work i began to read next couple chapters, but i couldnt put down the book and read the whole book literally in one day because it had my eyes glued to it. Once you get to middle part of book its like your living certain scenes from past relationships in your head because it becomes SOOOOO interesting. The author who wrote this gave amazing mind sight on relationships and can even see it to help us men with ladies(mainly the type you come across). Kimberly Michelle if you see this review, outstanding job……… And by the way, she is very sexy may i add…….. GORGEOUS!!!, fellas you’ll see!!!

      By Amazon Customer on July 12, 2016

    4. Nicole M Colombo

      By Nicole M. Colombo on August 9, 2016
      Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
      I found this book comical and entertaining. Some parts were influential and rhetorical, while others were a bit unnecessary and, I beg my pardon, stereotypical. I’m not a single mother, it a mother at ask so an entire chapter was skipped and I felt a bit played but overall I was pleased. I wish there was more talk of how and where to find the best men, and how frequently to see them, in addition to the optimal timeline of how things should progress

    5. GiGi

      By Gigi on July 13, 2016
      Format: Paperback
      Excellent book! I must say I read this book in a day. Every chapter demonstrates real life stories that women encounter while dating. The author give you a tell all basically of her experiences & truly I’ve been through some of these situations so it’s comforting to know other women don’t live a fairy tale while dating. If you’re trying to get some tips or just some understanding of the dating game, I definitely recommend this book!

    6. LJ

      By LJ on August 1, 2016
      Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
      Dating in the age of narcissism…nothing can be more true. This book breaks it down just as your closest girlfriend would. Kimberly Michelle leaves you feeling like you just had an honest conversation with your bff and she told you what you needed to hear, not what you wanted to her. This book is for all the single ladies! Go read it!

    7. Amazon Customer

      By Amazon Customer on August 7, 2016
      Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
      Just got my book! After reading the Introduction & Chapter 1, I can’t put it down. I AM HOOKED. I even bought one for a gift. This is an EXCELLENT read! Can’t wait to finish. Great Work Kimberly Michelle, Thanks for writing a book that contains “Real Talk”

    8. Strickypoo

      By Strickypoo on August 3, 2016
      Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
      Great read. The author was open about her experiences. Reaffirmed some of my own beliefs

    9. Kelli Harvey

      By Kelli Harvey on August 25, 2016
      Format: Paperback
      Kimberly Michelle’s anecdotal Dating in the Age of Narcissism is an excellent read full of sound advice for dating women of ages. Her graphic illustrations of her past experiences were not only eye opening, but gave me a new sense of self.

      I highly recommend this book and will be purchasing more copies for my friends.

    10. MariCruz Kwon

      By Maricruz Kwon on July 30, 2016
      Format: Paperback
      The only negative thing that I could say about it this is book is that I WISH IT CAME OUT YEARS AGO! It would have saved me alot of time and money in avoiding heartbreaks! But now I am wiser! It’s a great read!

    11. Amazon Customer

      By Amazon Customer on July 29, 2016
      Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
      Reading this book was like taking a girls trip with an old friend. I loved the lessons shared. Some that made me burst out in laughter, re-evaluate my own situations (check for flags), and tap into my own feelings because of my similar past.

    12. Amazon Customer

      By Amazon Customer on July 27, 2016
      Format: Paperback
      Very enjoyable. The author takes the reader on a how-to survive adventure into the combined world’s of social media and dating. Worth the time to get the book. A keeper! The author is eager and responsive to feedback

    13. Amazon Customer

      By Amazon Customer on July 27, 2016
      Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
      I love this book ! It is very insightful on every level of relationships! Whether you’re single, married, divorced, soon to be divorced, or even soon to be married this is the book to read! A real eye opener!

    14. Amazon Customer

      By Amazon Customer on July 18, 2016
      Format: Paperback
      This book is great. I could not put it down. It really resonated with me as a single woman. As I read through the book I could easily relate to my own dating life. The book was well written and easy to follow. It provided a realistic perspective of the dating world that was very down to earth and very relatable. I recommend this book to anybody in the dating world.

    15. Jennifer1922

      By Jennifer1922 on July 14, 2016
      Format: Paperback
      This book provides real life scenarios with true girlfriend guidance. It allows you to obtain non-judgmental insight about the dating world. Highly recommend this book!

    16. Rated 5 out of 5

      Damien L.

      I enjoyed reading your book. I loved your candor, courage and will to share your views and life experiences with your audience. It takes a strong and confident individual to let strangers into their mind or world. It’s great to see that your past relationships and experiences with sorry ass men have turned you into a mature, strong and determined African Queen. I hope your book inspires and empowers many women and men. I hope your readers will do a self analysis to see where they can make improvements. Even though this book is based on your views, opinions and experiences, it forces a person to think about their mindset, actions and energy subconsciously and unconsciously. I wish you much success with the book and all other endeavors you choose to embark on. Peace and Love!

    17. Rated 5 out of 5

      Sharonna Bagot

      I really enjoyed this book. I finished it in one day because I couldn’t put it down. It was on point and I wished I had it in my life when I was on the dating market. I told my single friends that they need thos book in their lives. It’s not filtered to please people it is straight to the point and I love the honesty of it. You wont be disappointed. This is a must read!

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